Costa have assembled a team of brand ambassadors from various fishing backgrounds across the UK with the aim to learn how their sunglasses impact and enhance what they love most. We asked them about their favourite pair of Costa Sunglasses and here is what they had to say.

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James Stokoe – famous guy from telly

“Hey guy’s I’m James Stokoe winner of BBC’s The Big Fish, one of The Untamed Anglers (currently filming our new series) and an absolute salmon fishing fanatic and guide!

“Since being introduced to the Costa brand I’ve never looked back.  I’ve always been one for never using polaroids because I never thought I could benefit from them along with the fact most brands are bland and not stylish, I couldn’t have been less educated!  They have literally changed the way I think and fish, what you can actually see with these glasses is phenomenal, from the river bottom and structure where fish lie to the way they react to fly’s and lures, it’s incredible!

My personal favourites are my Crystal Tuna Alley’s with a green mirrored lens, perfect for the rivers and still waters I fish with the added bonus of looking like a 21st century Angler.

Get involved guys you’ll never look back – tight lines!”


Dave Harper – mad keen lure angler

“Tuna Alley, Cat Cay, Corbina, Harpoon, Half Moon, Blackfin all these are marketed as large sized frames, which I have worn or owned at one time or another. But out of all these frames I have listed one stands out from the rest, Tuna Alley. It is the perfect choice for me, not only do Tuna Alley have the rubber for added comfort and to help avoid slippage, they also have thick arms of which I am a fan of.
The hinge on the Tuna Alley is a single screw, which joins the arms to the frame and unlike the sprung style hinges these allow me to place my shades on my forehead or cap without them slipping down, as I prefer not to use a retainer.
To me, these frames sit just right, not to close which in my experience causes steaming up to occur but with a nice comfortable gap to allow air flow.

With regards to lense choice, my preference is 580g in a range of colours from silver mirror with a copper base for general all round use in varying light conditions to blue mirror with a grey base for very bright days and fishing off shore in the English Channel.

My goal is to build up a small collection of Tuna Alleys with all of the available lens choices, as I’m such a huge fan of this perfect frame.”


Clare Carter – Director of Arabian Fly Sport Fishing in Oman

“Sight casting to fish on the flats requires patience, skill and determination. However, all of this is futile if you can’t see the fish in the first place. I would be lost without my Loreto 580G Costas.”


Josh Bennett – mad keen carp angler

“I have used Costa sunglasses within my angling for around three years. Fishing for carp had meant that I hadn’t really heard of the brand; it being big in the sea and fly-fishing fraternities. Now however, as more and more anglers begin to realise what we’ve been missing out on, their usage and popularity is increasing within the carp and course angling world.

One thing has been prevalent in my findings and that is having used Costa, I will never use another brand of glasses. The quality of the lenses, frame and pure vastness of choice is unbeatable.  My personal favourite is the Fantail frames in a Real tree Extra Camo with the orange logo. These not only look the part, but also sit comfortably on my face. I really would advise trying the glasses on at a local stockist, so as to ensure the best fit for your face shape. I could have easily waxed lyrical about numerous frames, but the Fantail frames coupled with the Blue Mirror lenses have quite literally opened my eyes to what is beneath the surface. I’ve found these invaluable when using them on the gravel pits close to my Cotswold home.

With the lenses taking the sheer glare off the water’s surface, I have managed to locate both fish and features in some very deep water. Overall, a really good combination in regards to both lens and frame makes these glasses an excellent all round option for the carp or coarse angler in British freshwater.”



Jake Schogler – UK lure fisherman who loves to predator fish and sea fishing

“I Love wearing my Costa Cat Cays, apart from looking funky, they just fit me so well, they never slip no matter how much I move or how hot I get. I use a Silver mirror lens for 80% of my fishing as it covers such a wide range of light conditions from the open sea to small Scottish burns, I can’t be without them!”


Steve Cullen – Wychwood brand manager and  England capped fly fisher

“The Caballito frame in white and black are the frames for me.  Not only do they make you stand out from the crowd, but they offer me the best fit.  The copper lenses with a silver mirror finish offer me personally the best view when I’m on a reservoir or fishing for wild brown trout on the river.”


Tim Maslen – Owner of Severn Expeditions and expert lure angler

“The Motu and Rafael frames work great for me.  They are comfortable and fit my face well. The Lenses that I love to use are the green mirror and silver mirror. Love the green as it works very well in a variety of light conditions.  The silver Mirror are great for reducing glare when I’m sight fishing.”


Ian Harris – Lure fisherman and mad kayak angler

“Kayak fishing demands glasses which are tough. When I am out fishing saltwater, my Costa Tuna Alley frames with blue mirror 580G provide me with the ultimate eye protection and underwater vision. Whether I am chasing bass in the UK or being towed by a marlin in Mexico! They are the best.” Ian “Dizzyfish” Harris, Kayak Fisherman.


Adam Sinclair – Costa Del Mar UK Team Coordinator, competitive fly fisherman, Serving Soldier in the British Army

“I have many frames, but my favourites are the Jose and Blackfin.  They both fit very well and offer protection from the sun and any hazards whilst on the water.  The 580G makes for a robust choice when it comes to the Lenses you choose.  Copper Silver Mirror is the choice for me when fishing the chalk streams of Hampshire and Wiltshire.

When on the open water I like to use the Blue Mirror finish as these cut through the glare and allow me to see deep down.  My Costas have 100% added to success in competition fishing by allowing me to spot and stalk fish. For the dull winter days when I’m out fishing for grayling I choose the Sunrise mirror lens as these allow more light to pass through, offering me better vision and an extra hour or two of fishing time.  As anglers, our eyes are our most important asset and there is no better choice for protecting your eyes than Costa Del Mar’s 100% polarised sunglasses.”


Tom Hunt – Owner of Hunt’s Original and competitive fly angler

“My go-to pair has to be my Tuna Alley’s. The Silver mirror over Copper not only looks amazing it offers excellent depth perception and provides all the protection I need for a day on the River!”


Mark Brown – Manager at Todber Manor Fisheries, keen fisherman and will dabble with any method

“My shiny black Mag Bay’s with Copper Silver Mirror lenses are the perfect balance between a pair of performance fishing sunglasses and something I can wear out and about on a daily basis. With the varying light conditions that we encounter so often here in the UK and the diverse nature of the venues I fish, I do not think the Copper Silver Mirrors can be beaten. Combine this with the understated yet stylish Shiny Black frames, this combo takes some beating! ”


Medi Treharne – Welsh Youth angler and keen fly fisher

“The frame I like to use is the Luke frame.  It’s a great fit and they also look good for casual wear when I’m not fishing.  The Green Mirror is my go to lense as they offer me the ability to sight fish when I’m on a Stillwater and reduces the glare from the water on bright sunny days.”


Rachael Brady – Accounts Manager at Orvis UK, representing England in Women’s Commonwealth fly fishing team, keen shooter

“I use the Loreto frame with a copper silver mirror lens to be able to sight fish whilst wading and bank fishing. Using these lenses has allowed me to spot more fish than before and I feel secure knowing my eyes are protected from rogue flies. They also come with me when I break clays or am on the peg, plus they look pretty damn sweet.”


Danny Parkins – Lure angler who will target predators in-land and at sea

“For me the Permit and Rincon are my fav frames due to the modern styling looking great but also functioning perfectly on the water and the beach!

As in all my fishing the Green Mirror 580 Glass is my go to lens with the Silver Mirror in second place! These lenses are the perfect lens for fish spotting in the gin clear coastal water of south Devon where I fish for Wrasse and Bass but also my new love fly fishing where I’ll be reading the water looking for runs and fish!”


Gilly Bate – Fishing Director at Fly Odyssey.  Will and has fished all over the world on the fly

“I chose Silver Mirror lens this year for my chalk stream fishing as most of my fishing is usually in bright conditions and they have superb contrast and polarisation for sighting fish hiding in secret places throughout the river.

I picked Tuna Alley as they have a small frame which works on my small face and I don’t feel over sunglassed! The wrap around is perfect for safety as often flies can ping out of fish at the last moment particularly with beginners and netting fish.

I’m thrilled to bits with them and i would highly recommend them to anyone considering a pair for the English Chalk streams.”


Nicky Brown – Owner of Techsec Media and keen fly angler and photographer

“Cape- Bowfin with grey 580 polycarbonate.  Clearly, seeing better.
Spotting your target quickly is vital when filming. Costa gives me the edge.”


Lewis Hendrie – Consultant for Guideline and multi-capped England angler

“I can go out fishing with the wrong kit and with a bit of improvisation, will still have a great days fishing. But forgetting my Costa’s when I’m out on the water and I feel out of my element to the point I might as well be blind for the day.

But beyond being the best glasses available for fishing, due to them enhancing colours and making everything look more vibrant,  “Life sure looks better through a pair of Costa’s”. It’s literally like switching to a 4k telly!

Costa Mag Bay’s – tortoise frame and copper lenses. My choice every time on the rivers and best all round lens.

Costa Cut – blue frame and blue mirror lenses. With the blue mirror lens being two shades darker they work great in bright light conditions or great in venues where there is a lack of structures such as fishing for a boat or on the salt.

I like to mix pleasure and leisure. With these casual looking frames I get style and seriousness in one.”