Costa produce a range of high quality, polarised lenses with different attributes, designed for different types of conditions. Polarised lenses are essential for anyone who spends time outdoors, especially on the water. All Costa sunglasses are 100% polarised, using the best technology available today.

Watch this video that explains the difference between these lenses and which conditions each of them excel in:

So which colour lens should you choose for your fishing?

For the UK, the copper-based lenses are probably the most versatile, suitable for most conditions.


As a rule of thumb, if you are squinting behind your sunglasses, they are letting through too much light.

We group lens colours into three groups – by type of light condition.

Brightest Light – grey base lenses

  • Grey– Base for the harshest, sunniest days. The perfect lens for general bright conditions.
  • Blue Mirror– Great for the brightest days, especially when in watery or snowy environments. The grey lens really brings contrast into your surroundings and blocks the highest amounsunlight.
  • Grey Silver Mirror– The lens for driving in bright conditions, water sports and other outdoor activities./li>

Variable Light – copper base lenses

  • Copper– Base for changeable light conditions.
  • Green Mirror – A fantastic all-round lens which adds an attractive green mirror to the warm copper lens.
  • Copper Silver Mirror – The lens for bright but changeable conditions.

Low Light – yellow base lens

  • Sunrise Silver Mirror– Highest light transmission, ideal for low light conditions. Great for driving in conditions like fog and spray.


Hywel Morgan, world champion fly caster, changes lens based on condition. His response when we asked was:

“On trout rivers, I use the silver sunrise lens for early morning and evening fishing and copper for the rest of the day. When out all day on a reservoir, it’s sunrise early morning then copper and if it really gets bright, a grey lens.

And when I am fishing out on the saltwater, sunrise for the early morning then blue mirror which cuts out the glare and ensures I don’t get a head ache when staring into the distance, looking for signs of moving fish all day.”

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Costa del Mar rate their lenses using the following chart which also provides some useful information (click to enlarge):

Costa sunglasses lens selection