Tuna Alley
Never Miss a thing Costa 580: The clearest polarised sunglasses on the planet - from £189 Shop Tuna Alley Sunglasses

Costa Sunglasses – the full range

Costa del Mar produce the best polarised sunglasses on the market today. Costa’s secret to success is their world-leading polarised lenses, ideal for all water sports such as fishing, boating or rowing. The majority of frames are hand-made in Florida using only the finest bio resin and raw materials. This makes them the ideal, top quality accessory for anyone serious about their hobby and their eyes.

Most polarised lenses eliminate glare by blocking reflective light only. Costa’s patented 580 lenses go further, blocking the perfect amount of harsh yellow light and harmful blue light while enhancing reds, blues and greens. It’s like switching your TV to a HD channel! The results are stunning: less blur, less haze, greater clarity and contrast. All lenses are available in glass (580G) and a light-weight, super strong polycarbonate (580P).

Browse the full range of Costa Sunglasses on our website, pick any combination of frame and lens colour and place your order today to receive a free Costa hat worth £22 with every pair ordered.

“My go to pair has to be my Tuna Alley’s. The Silver mirror over Copper not only looks amazing it offers excellent depth perception and provides all the protection I need for a day on the River!”Tom Hunt, Hunt’s Original